About Kinesha

If you’ve come here, you’ve come to get a taste of something that’s a little different. I’m a military wife and mother who happens to style food and people at the same time. It’s been my pleasure and pursuit for quite some time and I’m delighted to share it with you. Be sure to stick around to learn about the lessons I’m learning with my sweet tribe of six.

Kinesha Roach is the CEO of K. Rochelle Catering. After completion of her AAS in Culinary Arts and Management, Kinesha set out to explore new territory. She was offered a Food and Beverage Manager position at a hotel immediately. There Kinesha learned on the job training about ordering, schedules, organizing, inventory management, counseling and much more. Kinesha enjoyed that job, but knew there was more she wanted to pursue personally.

Kinesha set out to start K. Rochelle Catering in 2016, and hasn’t looked back! Through word of mouth advertisement, K. Rochelle Catering has been able to cater for churches, banquets, elementary School events, volunteer lunches, Pastors luncheons, funeral repast, business meetings, 2 traveling tours, baby showers and more. K. Rochelle Catering also catered dinner M-F for 9 months for Sheltering Tree, while still running the business. With upcoming expansion in 2018, K. Rochelle Catering plans to take on many new clients, while valuing the repeat customers of the last 2 years.