Omaha Soup Competition

In 2018, I am committed to going for things I’ve been wanting to do! Well, I took a leap of faith and applied to pitch an idea at Omaha Soup. Omaha Soup is a community crowdfunding dinner for change agents to share their ideas and visions. I am one of the four applicants selected to pitch an idea to help improve Omaha! There will be dinner, the speakers all have 5 ministers to pitch their idea, and the audience votes. Whoever wins will get the seed money to help the idea come to fruition!

My idea is called, “The Gathering Place!” Being a Mom of Kids with special needs, I understand how difficult it can be to go to dinner without being judged the whole time. My son Jeremiah often screams as his main communication, it is loud and can be very distracting. My idea is to host a community meal for families who have kids with special needs. A place where families can eat a healthy meal, meet other families, have a sense of community in a judgement free zone. Parents who have kids with special needs just get each other, so this will be a safe space to hang out and be empowered! Eventually we will bring in speakers, have trainings and equip our children with life skills! Below is a link where you can RSVP for the event!



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